Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lfgomar's super train set for Sims 2

I have a wonderful conversion to share today. The awesome Luis has given me permission to share with you all. Check out his site: "My Sims Concepts" . This is his set Urbano, Estacion de tren subterraneo for The Sims 2!
My conversions don't do the set justice, as always recolors would help.So here's the skinny.    
All pictures are in game. It Should only require base game. They are decorative and found under sculpture in the buy catalog.
Tunnel part-overhead fits directly over but I like to put it over a deck to give some height, like in the picture.
Tunnel part- tracks sits on the ground. It looks best 4 clicks down for 3 squares distance. With a deck on either side like in the picture. :0)
The Head Car is sitting on an empty floor tile cause by the decking/foundation. This makes it look like it's on the track.
Passenger Car you can make them look like one longer one by not skipping a tile. or skip tiles for a one door car.

Turnstyle In this picture, both the front and back is shown. I used the off grid cheat to place it in the center.
Enter/don't enter sign on one side is the arrow and on the other is the "don't" mark.
Entry deco the lovely arch over the door way. There are 4 of them pictured. they also make a nice flower box on the ground. The mesh is completely grey or black, pictured is a recolor i did. You'll probably want it. Recolor

 Here we have the : Ticket machine ,Telephone and the Bulletin Board. The signs are mostly blank so you can place the names of your subway stops, neighborhoods and City centers. I'm working on some simlish maxis hood signs for this set.
This Triple sign is one object. Also it's as cute as a button.
Overhead sign on the left and Poster ad board on the right. I know some will have a fields day with this. I am looking forward to heaps of simlish.

4 sided board  the opposite side repeats the ads. The center/ back of the board has the same texture as the legs.
We then have the Subway sign, followed by the map and info sign and then the 2 sided board. I hope everyone likes it. Thanks again to lfgomar for letting me do this. credit also due to the usual conversion tools tsr workshop, simpe, s3oc, s3pe, and photoshop. I did a recolor *shock face*!!! still not great but I'm working on it.

Lastly, a pic of the head car next to a wall for scale.
Enjoy!. All the normal rules apply and also please give lfgomar credit if you share recolors. Happy simming!


  1. Wow! I love this set! I'm thinking to give a rest to my retro hood to make a subway station :) thank you!

    1. you're welcome. I thank Luis for allowing me to share.

  2. Thank you so much. I have a big idea for this.