Friday, October 18, 2013

This Post is just to inform you all that I have a Tumblr. I'll post any downloads, questions, and over all comments here and my random sim happenings there. >>>>It's untitled,<<<<

Monday, September 9, 2013

Best tutorial Ever!!!

I Ran across it by chance and even though the author double and triple warned about epic computer fail, I gave it a whirl and it worked for me. Sooooo Happy, got 3 lots 80% done and all this on the very same day I got the sim visits other sim mod to work (mostly). Here's the tutorial for better graphics Smooth grass, sexy water.  Oh you clever devils What would my game do without you.
 Slowly but surely rebuilding Betterview better than ever.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

In The immortal Words......

OF Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, "Good news every body!" I'm NOT dead.  Real life has made my simming life non existent for a bit. Followed by my laptop epic failing on me. *Sighs* But enough with the sob story still working on the same projects, learning a little each day and rebuilding my Betterview Hood for the eighth time. That's what happens when you add on to a uberhood. I'll just ignore the 38,000 files of cc i have as a possible cause.  Well, here's a Cutie (the daughter of Don and Kaylynn) rocking out harder then any sim I've seen thus far.

I missed my sims soooo much. 
Happy Simming all!

Does anyone know what can effect the "hangout" "teach nursery rhyme  "walk to lot" interactions those have been missing from my game for some time, I have no clue what killed them.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ambitious Water Item

Update:  Mesh improved, Animation improved, Three new recolors

Just redownload and replace the old one. You need the mesh to see the recolors 

So I'm one of those who suffers from flat, clear blue water in my Sims 2 game. I've tried everything out there (Moi's package, Astaroth600's package, etc) but apparently my laptop's shader is crappy so I can't have that nice reflective deep, multi-toned water the gamer computer owners have....... I SAID BULLOCKS to that and made an object to give me those things :)
I made it using Maxis diving board for the pool.
It can be found in buymode->Decorative->Miscellaneous  for 0$
it's 568 polys. So far it needs to be by the pool like normal for the sim to swim. I used "moveobjects on" to place it like it is in the video. I need some adventurous people to test it out. The object shows and animates in Neighborhood view which is bad now that it's not full size. *that lot is 1x3 the object is around 3x3*
No one has showed or told me how. I'm unsure if anyone knows but I asked here at Mod The Sims, Until it's the correct size, i say it still in beta but if you're brave or just curious you can try it out now
I'll will update the file when it's edited, and update you guys when I do this is the latest version
The best part, as you saw in the video both the boulder and the water are recolorable

SimPE, Milkshape, Photoshop, EA/Maxis  The nice tropical trees in the video are Sims 2 castaway conversions by Havlock at MoreAwesomeThanYou info here Also thank you Pixelhate for your awesome tutorials "Exploring txmt", without them this would not have been possible

Monday, March 25, 2013

Secret No More!

Just in case anyone wanted to know what I was working on..... DRUM Roll please.  Ba bum bah. It was on three lovely trucks. The Food truck, the Ice cream truck and the Animal control truck from Sims 3. I'm converting them as drivable, own able vehicles. So far I have most of it done but have to fix animations (the driver gets in weird) and Texture (the glass is so see through it's in visible). There is also options I want to add, like the ability to order food, however this is beyond my expertise so It's taking quite a while. Until I can get some help from more knowledgeable simmers here's two in Sims 2 pics.  :0)  

 I found that a decorative version at Simulated Situations has been made By Misty-fluff livejournal

Saturday, February 23, 2013

S3tS2 Continental Vision: Part three!

Finally, after much tweaking! Still not perfect but good enough for me anyways :)
Maxis original grill pictured above 370 faces, 651 vertices and in the video below. Then there is my own little edit, which is a little smaller, has a different lid and more counter space for more conservative Sims.
"The Continental Vision Grandiose Grill"
He wasn't paying attention, and burned his dogs.
with 1145 faces, 1787 vertices due to all the round bits

The two Grills are slaved to the MASTER COUNTER IN PART ONE. You need that counter for these to show properly, Get master counter here (if you haven't already) All recolors for the counter applies to the grills. You can have both grill versions at the same time.
They are made using the basegame grill so that should be all you need. Use the counter to recolor the grills, which had two recolorable parts. The finish and the counter. Grills found in Buycatalog-> appliances -> Cook .Thanks for Visiting, view policy for sharing if you plan on working on it. This is the END of the Continental Vision series. I'm working on a super secret item set and thinking about doing a hobo pack.

as usual SimPE, Simoc, TSRobjectworkshop, Sim3PE, Milkshape, Photoshop, EA/Maxis  

Saturday, January 19, 2013

S3tS2 Continental Vision: Part two C A Match

Hello everyone,
today I have the final indoor part. I made some cabinets to Match the Continental Vision set.There are seven cabinets all slaved to the Master Counter from part one. Here is the picture with the name of the cabinets
They are basegame, and any recolor you have for the master applies to the cabinets. (really trying to cut down the number of files) They are found in Buy catalog-> Surfaces -> Miscellaneous  for $180 nonglass and $190 with glass. They are hollow; so if you are like me and like clutter, you can place shelves in side using "moveobjects on". They are shiftable and move up and down if the paintings in your game can. *You need the master for these to show properly*>>>>>>>Part one here.<<<<<<<<<<<<
Remember to view and follow my policy if you share. I hope you all enjoy it. I'm still working out the dings in the BBQs. That will be the final part to this set and should be done pretty soon.

as usual SimPE, Milkshape, Photoshop, EA/Maxis